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The world of the Campana Brothers is a world of possibilities. Or better: a world where things are made possible.

Fernando and Humberto’s work shows us that, in order to belong to the world, first we need to embrace our own backyard.

It is by carrying our country’s culture that they cross boundaries. In one step, they go from Brazil to Italy, from Sao Paulo to Rome.

They combine the old and the new worlds to create Barroca, a Melissa collection where everyday Brazilian life meets the most refined of all arts.

Insects and birds from Brazil are merged with florals and angels from the Italian Baroque. In Barroca, the Campana Brothers break down the wall between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

The collection is born from an exhibition at Galeria O, in Rome. In the land of the ancient empire, they join together with local craftsman so as to dive into the world of bronze ornaments that were the foundation for the art movement that emerged in the XVI century, creating a series of unprecedented articles and furniture: Brazilian Baroque, Barroco Rococo and Dangerous Luxury.

Next to us, the Campana Brothers create two pairs of shoes that reveal in textures this journey through culture and time.

Источник: https://www.melissa.com.br/us/collabs/campana

Melissa Campana Flats

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melissa campana

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Тогда бы время, что Хейл мог его угадать, следящим за мячом лишь на одной половине корта.

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